Moms. Pathologic jaundice

BabyPathological jaundice normally appears during the first days of the birthday. Frequently also increases the liver and spleen may get discolored feces, and urine becomes darkness in color, often on a skin child spontaneous bruises and petechiae. In the analysis of blood shows signs of intensive decay of red blood cells (hemolysis), and anemia. When pathological jaundice medication by specialists. It entirely depends on the cause of a condition.When incompatibility of mother and baby and a blood and / or Rh factor is massive destruction (hemolysis) of red blood cells. Severe jaundice is ofttimes the case when a mum of blood group I and II, or a child (rarely III). It is believed that with each subsequent gestation increases a risk of such complications. It is for this reason, gerls with Rh-negative is particularly dangerous to enjoy an abortion.The destruction of red blood cells may be caused by a variety of genetically determined disorders, such as microspherocytosis (anemia Minkowski Chauffard), the structure of hemoglobin disorders (eg, sickle cell anemia), changes in the shape and structure of the red blood cell, etc. In the medication of conditions involving destruction of red blood cells, is ofttimes used exchange transfusion to "polish up" a bilirubin and antibodies that cause hemolysis.Big group of jaundice resulting from liver damage by viruses, bacteria, protozoa. It is understood that without the treatment of infection in such cases indispensable. Unfortunately, at present, not all congenital infections, there are efficient treatments. This emphasizes a need for careful production for gestation, especially in a presence of infectious diseases, to cut the risk of transmission to the baby.The so-called mechanical jaundice occur due to violation of the outflow of bile bile duct cyst, annular pancreas, atresia (hypoplasia) of bile ducts. Thus, surgical intervention.When pyloric stenosis and obstruction of the intestine cause of increased bilirubin in the blood is a reabsorption of his intestines. In such situations, too, may help surgeons.Constitutional hepatic dysfunction (Gilbert's syndrome-Meylengrahta) - an inherited condition, it is very similar to the physiological neonatal jaundice - quite often. The cause for failure in the exchange of bilirubin in this case - a violation of its binding due to hereditary inferiority of a liver. Typically, this condition askes therapy and is observed by gastroenterologists.Hormonal disorders also cause jaundice in newborn children. This happens, for example, hypothyroidism - reducing the functional action of a thyroid gland. Combines this form of jaundice with other signs of inadequate thyroid hormone production: the large sizing of a stomach, dry skin, short aging body temperature, particularly, in a hoarse cry, constipation, swelling of the facial skin, eyelids, delayed ossification, etc. There is jaundice in hypothyroidism TWO-3 th day of life, lasts up to 3-12 week, and often up to 4-5 months. Therapy is carried out under a supervision of an endocrinologist with a use of drugs - thyroid hormones.Not being an expert, it is impossible to understand all a intricacies of diagnosing such a big group of diseases similar jaundice in babies (zheltushki). It is important to understand - long-term preservation of jaundice staining of the face of a nice child askes a mandatory survey. It certainly should consist of a chief analysis of blood, determination of total bilirubin and its fractions in a blood serum, liver function tests, tests for hemolysis (Coombs), ultrasound examination of the abdomen, if required, consult a surgeon or other specialist for further diagnosis and timely treatment.This article has defined requests: bilirubin, neonatal bilirubinNeonatal jaundice1st 7 days: neonatal jaundiceInfants jaundice: jaundice newbornsNeonatal jaundice   Baby maintenance. Like posts:Child service. Vitamin for childrenChildStrawberries nursing mothersChildFall thin hair of the childbirthBaby.

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