Mums. A cause allergies in kids in a genes

NewbornAllergies may manifest itself not in any baby. For this to be the how-called atopy - a genetic predisposition to a development of allergic disease. And if anyone in a family suffers from allergies, it means that a child is at risk. In a first years of life the baby allergy is more ofttimes for food, frequently to a proteins in cow's natural milk. Therefore, prevention of allergies is lactation.If a mum has no milk, and thus proved that a newborn is allergic to cow's milk protein, so use especial feed combine - hydrolysates. Lure in this case is introduced later, a timing and a ration is determined by your medic. With age, the list of foods that cause allergies may increase. And it manifests face rash called atopic dermatitis. Most often, it affects kids under three years of age.Character and externality of a rash may be varied, but you share one common unit, which does not substitute with age, - itching, permanent and painful. Kid all the time showing anxiety, irritability. He frequently cries, eats poorly, it may refuse a natural. And at night a child is constantly itching, and so all night anyone has to sit next to him and hold his hand, so he did not combed rashes that may go into a weeping eczema.  Similar Child.articles:Things to extract for a childNewbornMums. Vitamin for nursingChildNewborn care. Hair loss after giving birthChild.

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