Upkeep of a baby. The eyes of child

NewbornFrequently, but not always, treating skin eyes baby, surprised mother asks to whom they are blue like a sea surface? Indeed, many babies are born with blue skin eyes, but by 6 weeks of eye color changes to the. Then my mother would understand exactly, who succeeded in charming eyes.Often it as well happens that in chief it is impossible to see a child eye color, because... He may not open them. This is due to postpartum edema, if a head for a while, "stood" in a birth canal. Do not worry, a swelling will take place by itself.Sometimes a infection causes swelling of a eye, but in this case it is ever accompanied by mucous or purulent mucous discharge with a skin eyes. It is yet being treated in the hosp., and the swelling goes without consequences.What else may surprise newborn mama, it's squint. What is not at all uncommon for newborns. Doctors explain a weakness of a abductor muscles squint eyes. For six months in this state will resolve itself.It also happens that a eyes of a child have a bright red color. For example, in a case of hemorrhage caused by lack of oxygen during pregnancy or the fact that the newborn suffered a gravely birth. Vessels are greatly affected by the lack of oxygen, but then everything goes without a trace.  Baby service. Same posts:Child maintenance. Jaundice in childrenChildMums. Dining pregnant. Natural-feeding. Child Nutrition by Tymofeevoyi AMChildNewborn care. Teething in babiesBaby.

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  • Newborn. Theory of lactation
  • Upkeep of a newborn. Aqua
  • Baby maintenance. Monthly during breast-feeding and bottle-feeding
  • Newborn. Monthly during natural-feeding and bottle-feeding
  • Mums. Monthly upon natural-feeding and bottle-feeding
  • Look child
  • Child attention. What causes postpartum depression
  • A few tips
  • Monthly during warm-feeding and bottle-feeding
  • Child care. Monthly during fresh-feeding and bottle-feeding